Work Ready

A Program of Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley

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What has brought me to the CACLV Work Ready Program? What have I gained?

Read Corinne Bota story:

Prior to the work ready program, my life was going down hill, or at least I felt that it was. I was tired of the same old routine day in and day out, something had to give.  So I took control of my life, sitting on my ass waiting for a job to knock on the door and present it self was not the ANSWER. I needed to be proactive, if I wanted positive results. Unfortunately, I had to turn to the government, but it’s ONLY temporary. 

 I am a firm believer in second chances this is my opportunity to have a second chance at being successful. I once was lost, but now I AM FOUND! I actually, have a purpose to get up in the morning, aside for my kids. I have something to do other than my Motherly duties. Attending the CACLV program has boosted my confidence and self-esteem. The staff is amazing, warm, comforting and beyond supportive. It has been about a month since I started with the program, it has been great, I received a couple of responses for jobs, nothing as of yet, but I am not giving up. I have been actively seeking employment, time and patience is a virtue which I have become accustomed to. 


Read David Zeigafuse story:

I am learning a lot of different things in this program and I am enjoying learning a lot of different stuff about computers and the internet. I hope that when new people come into this program that they learn the same stuff that I have learned and so much more, because I can not get enough of learning new things in my life.


Read Zhaki Clarke story:

Moving to the state of Pennsylvania I would of never in a million years think that getting a job would be so easy, thanks to the help of the “CACLV” (Work Ready Program) I found employment in such a short period of time as of today makes approximately a month and a half of me being enrolled in this terrific opportunity of success. The Staff is amazing here they really look out for you and make sure you’re on the correct path of being successful so with that being said I am very grateful they have this program and I want to take this time to say thank you to each and every wonderful staff member